Step 1. Downloading data from the driver card takes 1 minute

Data from the driver card can be downloaded using a built-in smart card reader or through the digital tachograph. TachoTerminal PRO allows to download files from a company card, workshop card and control card.

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Step 2. Downloading data from a digital tachograph can take up to 50 minutes

To copy data from the tachograph using the TachoTerminal PRO key, insert the device to the tachograph communication port. Before that, you need to turn the key in the ignition and insert the company card (control or workshop card) to the slot no. 2.

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Step 3. File archiving

Connect TachoTerminal PRO to the computer via a USB or remove the SD card from the reader. The file from the driver card must be archived every 28 days and from the digital tachographs every 90 days.

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Step 4. Reader configuration

If you need to download data (without speed) from the tachograph for a specific period, all you have to do is to suitably configure the reader. The configuration is very easy – just connect the reader to a PC and run the configuration software.

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Detailed information

Step 1. Downloading data from the driver card (1 min.)

Connect TachoTerminal PRO to internal power supply through a mini-USB port, e.g. to the computer, cigarette lighter receptacle, or via a VU plug to the digital tachograph. The correct power supply is signalled by the “Info” LED. Then, insert the card to the reader slot with the chip facing up. Data download is signalled by a flashing LED next to the CARD button. The data download process should not take longer than 60 seconds. Remember that data from the driver cards should be downloaded at least every 28 days.

Step 2. File archiving

The files from the driver card are saved on a replaceable microSD card (up to 4 GB). To copy the files to a computer just connect the reader through a USB cable or remove the microSD card and copy its content. The files are saved in the format conforming to Annex 1B of Regulation 3821/85. If the file is downloaded from the driver card the filename starts with the letter C. Then the filename includes the driver’s first and last name, card No., download date and time. Typical card name is: C_J_Brown_123456678_20110120_1301 for data downloaded from John Brown’s card on 20 January 2001 at 13:01 hours.

Step 3. Downloading data from tachograph (from 5 to 50 min.)

In order to download data from the tachograph go to the vehicle and insert TachoTerminal PRO to the communication port. In the VDO Siemens DTCO tachograph the port is located under the display and between the menu buttons. In the Stoneridge and ACTIA tachographs, you need to remove the paper container first, and in the EFKON the port is located to the left of the display. When TachoTerminal PRO is inserted to the tachograph, the downloading starts automatically. The default mode is downloading the file from the card (inserted into the tacho) and the file from the tachograph memory. The download process is signalled by a flashing LED… After downloading the file is saved on the microSD card. The card can be copied by removing it from the reader or by connecting TachoTerminal PRO to a PC via USB. Remember that the company card does not contain the data on activities – you need to copy the content of the digital tachograph internal memory in the vehicle. Note that before downloading data from Stoneridge EXACT you need to press ALL+CONFIG buttons while connecting.

Step 4. Reader configuration (5 min.)

The duration of data download from a digital tachograph depends on the time range and type of downloaded information. The type of digital tachographs also matters. 80 percent of the time is used for downloading the data on instantaneous speed during last 24 hours of driving. If you want to download data quickly, just press the CONFIG button while inserting the reader to the tachograph port. In this configuration the reader will download the necessary information relating to the drivers’ activities (without the speed data). To change configuration of individual buttons, connect TachoTerminal PRO to a PC via a USB cable. In the configuration software it is possible to configure the time range and the information range for CONFIG and ALL buttons and for the default mode (without using the buttons).

Product reviews

Fotografia Joao Ferreira

“The TachoTerminal is a revolution on the transport IT market. The transport inspection agencies are surprised by potential of these devices.”

João Ferreira, Seepmode (Portugal)

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“It makes sense to know the whole TachoTerminal product line. These devices are really excellent and stable.”

Sylwia Mielnik, Infolab (Poland)

“I really like configuration capabilities of TachoTerminal devices. The price also matters…”

Rafael Kanitzki, Hanover (Germany)

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