20-year experience in the transport sector.
You can trust us

Infolab Narloch Sp. z o.o. is the team of experts who provide services to transport companies in the field of driver working time analysis. We have acquired enough experience thanks to thousands of transport companies which we have cooperated with. This allowed us to create our own brand– TachoTerminal.

We’ve been producing tachograph and driver card data download devices for over 10 years. TachoTerminal devices support the transport sector on the Polish market as well as internationally. Our readers’ reliability and compactness are valued by the entities controlling drivers and transport companies in many European countries.

We are also Tachospeed software producer. we are building the most friendly environment for the analysis of driver working time. What’s more, we recognize the problems and needs of the transport sector, we create a new range of products and services that lead to much more safety of the carriers’ business.