TachoTerminal PRO 1 downloads data from the digital tachograph and the driver card.

The device functions as a universal key. With the help of the tachograph it downloads the digital data from the driver card. One click is enough to save the data in two files – from the vehicle and from the driver.

The main advantage of TachoTerminala PRO 1 is its small size, weight and innovative digital data storing – the reader is equipped with the removable micro SD memory card. The READER+ software which attaches the device allows to view the driver activities downloaded from driver cards.

If you possess TachoTerminal PRO 1, you can adjust the functions of the device and gain the benefits of the PRO2 version, by activating the driver card reader. In order to do that, you should contact the Technical Assistance on: 732 920 990.

Device features:

  • Driver card data download – data download by inserting the driver card in the tachograph (the driver card slot in the reader is inactive) and by using the option in the configuration software for driver data download by via the tachograph
  • Tachograph data download – 4 tachograph download modes (CARD, ALL, CONFIG buttons and default mode)
  • Configuration – free TT Configurator software (Windows)
  • Analysis – information on overspeeding
    Size and weight – 108 mm x 46 mm x 18 mm, 52g
  • Memory – removable 4GB flash card
  • Power supply – in-built battery, charged by means of the tachograph, a PC or a charger

Package contents:

  • TachoTerminal PRO 1
  • 4GB flash card
  • Configuration software – TT Configurator
  • READER+ software
  • USB / mini USB cable
  • User manual and warranty

GTIN No.: 5906395400003

The reader is equipped with free Reader+ software

Reader+ is an application for viewing the driver’s activities. It shows the following driver activities:

  • drive time
  • availability
  • rest
  • other work
  • unknown (no manual entry by the driver)

The driver activity is included in a calendar day, in UTC time. With one click you can export data to Excel, for further data filtering.