TachoTerminal Reader

Driver card reader cooperating with the TT Reader software. Read the card, check the file content and save it on your computer.

TachoTerminal Pro 2

Driver card and digital tachograph reader. Download data from the driver card every 28 days and from the tachograph memory every 3 months.

Product reviews

Fotografia Joao Ferreira

“The TachoTerminal is a revolution on the transport IT market. The transport inspection agencies are surprised by potential of these devices.”

João Ferreira, Seepmode (Portugal)

Fotografia Sylwii Mielnik z Infolabu

“It makes sense to know the whole TachoTerminal product line. These devices are really excellent and stable.”

Sylwia Mielnik, Infolab (Poland)

“I really like configuration capabilities of TachoTerminal devices. The price also matters…”

Rafael Kanitzki, Hanover (Germany)

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