TachoTerminal devices support driver working time management process.
Most importantly TachoTerminal helps comply with Regulation 561/2006 and 581/2010.

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  • Data download

    According to Regulation 581/2010 transport companies are obligated to download data from driver cards every 28 days and information from the digital tachograph memory every 90 days.

    Remember that since 2010 it has been mandatory to use digital tachographs instead of analogue ones, not only in the European Union but in other European countries.

    File transfer

    Do you know that a file from driver card is only 26 KB of data? For your company it is a very valuable information about infringements of working time regulations. In TT GPRS telematics offer, which covers EU, file transfer cost is now less than 0.12 cents.

    By sending data from the driver card once a day you can cost effectively manage your fleet.

    Online control

    The more frequent download of data about driving time, breaks and rest periods, the better the chance to avoid penalties imposed by VOSA officers and Police in all European countries.

    Current analysis of data according to the Regulation 561/2006 and AETR Agreement is the only way to effectively manage the working time of your drivers.

  • Card download

    Regulation 561/2006 and Regulation 581/2010 or AETR Agreement oblige to read data from driver cards every 28 days.

    However, it is advisable to copy data from driver cards more often so that the planning of driver work and rest time is more efficient.

    Files backup

    In order to fullfill the requirements of road transport and labour inspections it is an obligation to keep driver and tachograph files for 1 year.

    The files might be saved on your harddrive, CD-ROM or pendrive. But the best one can do is to use professional backup service dedicated for driver and tachograph files.

    Data management

    Regular analysis of driving, breaks and rest time infringements results in decreasing of penalties.

    Driver card data improve the preparation of Attestation of activities. Driver activities enable to keep proper timesheet records and accurate payroll reports.

  • Driver card

    It is possible to read a driver card using a transfer key via a digital tachograph port but every 28 days the download must be done inside the vehicle.

    It is more convenient to use a device with built-in smart card reader, which is connected to PC and the download might be performed in your office.

    Other tacho cards

    Reading data from control cards results in an effective management and control of law enforcement officers responsible for conducting road transport checks.

    Workshop cards record information about tachograph calibrations. A company card contains only basic identification information.

    Digital tachograph data

    Digital tachograph records 365 days of data. Nevertheless it is an obligation to download the data from its internal memory every 90 days.

    It takes the longest to download the data about the vehicle speed (from last 24 hours of driving). Downloading process might take up to 60 minutes.

Product reviews

Fotografia Joao Ferreira

“The TachoTerminal is a revolution on the transport IT market. The transport inspection agencies are surprised by potential of these devices.”

João Ferreira, Seepmode (Portugal)

Fotografia Sylwii Mielnik z Infolabu

“It makes sense to know the whole TachoTerminal product line. These devices are really excellent and stable.”

Sylwia Mielnik, Infolab (Poland)

“I really like configuration capabilities of TachoTerminal devices. The price also matters…”

Rafael Kanitzki, Hanover (Germany)

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