Step 1. The reader installation takes up to 5 minutes.

Insert the mini CD with drivers and download TT Reader software. Then connect the TachoTerminal Reader to a USB port on your computer and start downloading data.

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Step 2. Reading the driver card takes about 1 minute.

Insert the driver card with the chip facing up and start the data download in TT Reader software. After downloading save the file on your computer.

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Step 3. Viewing the file.

Using TT Reader software you can view recorded activities day by day.

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Detailed information

Step 1. Installation (5 min.)

The reader installation is very easy. Just insert the mini CD with drivers to the drive and start the installation. Then download TachoTerminal Reader software and install it on your PC. Connect the reader to the computer through a USB cable and start reading data from the driver card.

Step 2. Downloading data from the driver card (1 min.).

After installation, insert the card to the reader slot with the chip facing up. Then click on the reader icon in the software to start the data download. The download process should not take longer than 60 seconds.

Step 3. File content visualization.

After downloading the file in the TachoTerminal Reader software, a table is displayed with individual activities. You can browse through them day by day. At this stage you can save the file on your computer or send it to You can also email the saved file to your company if your notebook is connected to wireless Internet.

Product reviews

Fotografia Joao Ferreira

“The TachoTerminal is a revolution on the transport IT market. The transport inspection agencies are surprised by potential of these devices.”

João Ferreira, Seepmode (Portugal)

Fotografia Sylwii Mielnik z Infolabu

“It makes sense to know the whole TachoTerminal product line. These devices are really excellent and stable.”

Sylwia Mielnik, Infolab (Poland)

“I really like configuration capabilities of TachoTerminal devices. The price also matters…”

Rafael Kanitzki, Hanover (Germany)

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